The Store

The LQ

Rufel F. Ramos (aka The Lizard Queen):
Rowena’s World — The Bookstore.

& Friends

Jason Henderson:

JASON HENDERSON: Comics, Novels, Scripts, Games

Kat Laurange:
Animation and Illustration at CapnFlynn
Pirate fantasy novel, The Voyage to Ruin
Pirate gear at Cap’n Flynn’s Salty Sea Chest

Scott J Laurange:
Apocalyptic horror novel, Ragnarok, N.H.
A “collection of imaginative verse”, The Unveiled Clepsydra

Mike Randrup:
Web design atMetroPlex Web Design, Inc.


Bear gear & more at Technogypsy’s CafePress Shop
Troll-roach gear & more at Roaches of the Intellect Shop


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