The Virtue of Crushing Routine

Long-time members of my readership know that I grew up in a Navy family. By the age of ten, I moved four times, crossing the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States three times, and attending four different elementary schools. Besides books, the only constants in my young life were routine family duties. When my … Continue reading The Virtue of Crushing Routine


Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

In my previous blog post, I gave the reason for reading my nonfiction book, Scaffolds: A Childhood Memoir of Books. (<-- This link, by the way, gives you the option of either paying teeny-weeny bit o' money for the paperback or Kindle versions OR going the route of my students and getting the free PDF … Continue reading Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

Reading My Own Dang Book

So, one of my goals over the winter break between semesters is reading my own dang book into a wee recording iPad app and putting up the whole shebang -- in chapter installments -- on YouTube. I'm doing this because a few of my students asked this past fall if I had an audiobook version of Scaffolds. I didn't, … Continue reading Reading My Own Dang Book

11: The Takeaway, AKA These Go to Eleven

A “takeaway” is the main point or gist from something that was presented, like a seminar or a report. “These go to eleven” is a line from the 1984 mock rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. The latter has absolutely nothing to do with the former. But when I realized that this book had eleven numbered … Continue reading 11: The Takeaway, AKA These Go to Eleven

10: Physicists, Philosophers & Fools for God

Thanks to my infant baptism and then subsequent Sunday school classes that lead up to my first Confession and Communion when I was eight years old, I had saints’ cards, prayer cards, and even a “How to Receive the Sacrament of Penance” card. However, not once did I read the actual Bible. Even though I … Continue reading 10: Physicists, Philosophers & Fools for God