My 2nd Novel Is Published

Well, here it is -- my second novel, which is both prequel and sequel of my first. As you can tell by the clickable image to the left, it's called The Miraculous Ones. If folks don't want to buy it (available on Amazon), that's no problem, as you can read all fifteen chapters here, for … Continue reading My 2nd Novel Is Published


Second Novel of My Fantasy Series Coming SOON

Hello, my beautiful readers, and welcome to End-of-Year 2018! One of these days I'll be more active in posting content more regularly than once-or-twice a year on this here blog. 🙂 Meanwhile, I've been WRITING! LIKE! MAD! since July on Book 2 of my contemporary fantasy series, The Celestial Engineers. The currently-untitled Book 2 is currently … Continue reading Second Novel of My Fantasy Series Coming SOON

An Interview with Prof. Rufel F. Ramos

Back in May 2017, a journalism student interviewed me as an assignment and then made it into a very very VERY low-budget video. I didn't know until a few months ago that he uploaded it on YouTube with the privacy settings set to the default "public". I'm not bothered by that because, well, I'm a … Continue reading An Interview with Prof. Rufel F. Ramos

“Chapter 5: Fiction Examples” from STARTERS

  “Boogeyman” from Rowena’s World: Poems and Stories, 2nd Edition The old woman sat on her porch, violently rocking in her chair. After a summer of drought where the sun hung high like a hangman’s noose, the cold, damp October hung on the old woman’s bones like a blood chigger. The old woman’s name was … Continue reading “Chapter 5: Fiction Examples” from STARTERS

“Chapter 4: Fiction” from STARTERS

DEFINITION FICTION is a form of prose writing – that is, written in sentences and paragraphs – in which 1) all the details are made-up from the imagination of the writer, about 2) a problem in the life of a major character (the protagonist) and 3) answers the question “What happened?” through the details of … Continue reading “Chapter 4: Fiction” from STARTERS