“Chapter 1: Creative Non-Fiction” from STARTERS

DEFINITION CREATIVE NON-FICTION is a form of prose writing – that is, written in sentences and paragraphs – in which 1) all the details actually happened, 2) the writer is either a participant, a witness, or an expert of what happened, and 3) the organization of the details, as well as the word choice and … Continue reading “Chapter 1: Creative Non-Fiction” from STARTERS


Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

In my previous blog post, I gave the reason for reading my nonfiction book, Scaffolds: A Childhood Memoir of Books. (<-- This link, by the way, gives you the option of either paying teeny-weeny bit o' money for the paperback or Kindle versions OR going the route of my students and getting the free PDF … Continue reading Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

Reading My Own Dang Book

So, one of my goals over the winter break between semesters is reading my own dang book into a wee recording iPad app and putting up the whole shebang -- in chapter installments -- on YouTube. I'm doing this because a few of my students asked this past fall if I had an audiobook version of Scaffolds. I didn't, … Continue reading Reading My Own Dang Book

11: The Takeaway, AKA These Go to Eleven

A “takeaway” is the main point or gist from something that was presented, like a seminar or a report. “These go to eleven” is a line from the 1984 mock rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. The latter has absolutely nothing to do with the former. But when I realized that this book had eleven numbered … Continue reading 11: The Takeaway, AKA These Go to Eleven

10: Physicists, Philosophers & Fools for God

Thanks to my infant baptism and then subsequent Sunday school classes that lead up to my first Confession and Communion when I was eight years old, I had saints’ cards, prayer cards, and even a “How to Receive the Sacrament of Penance” card. However, not once did I read the actual Bible. Even though I … Continue reading 10: Physicists, Philosophers & Fools for God