When I was about 23 years old, early in 1995, I came down with food poisoning so bad that it compromised my immune system. While I finally recovered from the food poisoning itself --I still feel skittish about roast beef sandwiches even to this day -- I came down with some sort of lung/bronchial/what-have-you that swiftly … Continue reading Breathing


Making Do

One of my childhood memories of Guam is riding shotgun with my mom as she slowly drove the family station wagon through our early morning neighborhood streets on trash day. On seeing an easily repairable rattan chair thrown with some random person's trash, she stopped the car, launched herself onto the curb, opened the back of … Continue reading Making Do

The C-Word in the Family

No point being coy -- my dad has liver cancer.One day the entire family is celebrating his 70th birthday, and less than a month later, the entire family is grieving over his cancer diagnosis.Grieving and -- truth be told -- very much feeling lost. Even three months later.See, my dad is the patriarch of the … Continue reading The C-Word in the Family

My ADHD Semester

Hello, there. Yes, it's the Lizardqueen -- three months after the last post. This past three months (that's the fall semester in school-speak) has been an incredible challenge, keeping everything in balance and NOT insane. I could never imagine how the kiddo's ADHD diagnosis and treatment of play therapy and medication would take over my … Continue reading My ADHD Semester

When My Skin and Nose Hate North Texas

Except for a brief and non-lethal allergic reaction to a bee sting when I lived on Guam, I never had any horrible skin problems or massive nasal allergies on the various places (ranging from the Far East to South Carolina) I had resided.  Maybe because I played and swam so much in the ocean -- … Continue reading When My Skin and Nose Hate North Texas