When Challenger Blew Up

This is from chapter 6 in my book Scaffolds: Thus, I (along with my science class) was comfortable in the library on the late morning of January 28, 1986. I felt optimistic that day. I had my new second draft typed up and ready to show Mrs. Campbell. In a fit of youthful confidence, I even … Continue reading When Challenger Blew Up



When I was about 23 years old, early in 1995, I came down with food poisoning so bad that it compromised my immune system. While I finally recovered from the food poisoning itself --I still feel skittish about roast beef sandwiches even to this day -- I came down with some sort of lung/bronchial/what-have-you that swiftly … Continue reading Breathing

10: Physicists, Philosophers & Fools for God

Thanks to my infant baptism and then subsequent Sunday school classes that lead up to my first Confession and Communion when I was eight years old, I had saints’ cards, prayer cards, and even a “How to Receive the Sacrament of Penance” card. However, not once did I read the actual Bible. Even though I … Continue reading 10: Physicists, Philosophers & Fools for God

8: Portrait of an Anglophile as a Teen Girl

It was bitterly cold on the eighth of November 1993. Even so, my then-boyfriend and I were topside on the P&O ferry, the Belgian port of Ostend far behind in the early morning darkness. After many rounds of canasta with another traveling couple, we went up to stay awake in the bracing air. As our … Continue reading 8: Portrait of an Anglophile as a Teen Girl