Getting Back into Drawing

When I was younger, I used to draw my story ideas instead of writing them down. Except for one art class in high school and a Human Figure I drawing class in college, I'm a self-taught drawer, and -- like most Pacific Rim folks of my generation -- my favorite style to draw is anime/ … Continue reading Getting Back into Drawing


An Interview with Prof. Rufel F. Ramos

Back in May 2017, a journalism student interviewed me as an assignment and then made it into a very very VERY low-budget video. I didn't know until a few months ago that he uploaded it on YouTube with the privacy settings set to the default "public". I'm not bothered by that because, well, I'm a … Continue reading An Interview with Prof. Rufel F. Ramos

Where I’ll Be in 2026

It's Easter Sunday, and for the past forty days and forty nights (the Lenten season before Easter) I haven't done the traditional "New Year's Resolution, Catholic-Style" of giving up red meat, coffee, or whatever food I should be partaking less of anyways. I didn't do the usual "do more volunteering" or "be more Earth-friendly" as … Continue reading Where I’ll Be in 2026

Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

In my previous blog post, I gave the reason for reading my nonfiction book, Scaffolds: A Childhood Memoir of Books. (<-- This link, by the way, gives you the option of either paying teeny-weeny bit o' money for the paperback or Kindle versions OR going the route of my students and getting the free PDF … Continue reading Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

Reading My Own Dang Book

So, one of my goals over the winter break between semesters is reading my own dang book into a wee recording iPad app and putting up the whole shebang -- in chapter installments -- on YouTube. I'm doing this because a few of my students asked this past fall if I had an audiobook version of Scaffolds. I didn't, … Continue reading Reading My Own Dang Book