A Start for 2017: a Creative Writing Guide

Well, here we are, twenty-two days into 2017, and I realized that it's been over two years, when I published Scaffolds and Structures in October 2014. Back then, I was able to kick out two books pretty much simultaneously because I was on paid leave from my teaching duties. All that freed up time = lots of … Continue reading A Start for 2017: a Creative Writing Guide


Learning to Walk Again

For the past couple of days, this has been in constant repeat in my head: It's not just the song, but also the absurdist video that Foo Fighters is known for.  It's become almost a metaphor of what this past couple of months has felt like. My household now consists of two divorced sisters negotiating … Continue reading Learning to Walk Again

When September Ends

August flew by in a flurry of novel-writing and back-to-school, so this three-day Labor Day weekend was the first time that I could actually step back and think, "Ah, yes -- summer is over." Most Septembers usually feel like the first month of the nearly three month teaching marathon until that first break in November … Continue reading When September Ends