I Am That Old

Back in 2004, I wrote a musing called "Not That Old," when I received in the mail a card from AARP. At the time, I found it hilarious because 1) I was only 32 years old, 2) I'd only been married less than a year, 3) I had no kids, and 4) I'd only been … Continue reading I Am That Old


The Virtue of Crushing Routine

Long-time members of my readership know that I grew up in a Navy family. By the age of ten, I moved four times, crossing the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States three times, and attending four different elementary schools. Besides books, the only constants in my young life were routine family duties. When my … Continue reading The Virtue of Crushing Routine

Where I’ll Be in 2026

It's Easter Sunday, and for the past forty days and forty nights (the Lenten season before Easter) I haven't done the traditional "New Year's Resolution, Catholic-Style" of giving up red meat, coffee, or whatever food I should be partaking less of anyways. I didn't do the usual "do more volunteering" or "be more Earth-friendly" as … Continue reading Where I’ll Be in 2026

“It’ll Be Over Faster than You Thought or Hoped To Be”

A few days ago, I read this Washington Post article, "Why Half of the Life You Experience Is Over By Age 7". While the person who shared it on Facebook commented on the importance of homeschooling her young children because their childhood ends so quickly, my thoughts went to the other side of the timeline … Continue reading “It’ll Be Over Faster than You Thought or Hoped To Be”

11: The Takeaway, AKA These Go to Eleven

A “takeaway” is the main point or gist from something that was presented, like a seminar or a report. “These go to eleven” is a line from the 1984 mock rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. The latter has absolutely nothing to do with the former. But when I realized that this book had eleven numbered … Continue reading 11: The Takeaway, AKA These Go to Eleven