“Chapter 6: Drama, with Example” from STARTERS

DEFINITION  DRAMA is a unique literary form because – unlike creative non-fiction, fiction, and even poetry – it is also a performance art. In other words, it is meant to be seen and heard, not read, by a captive audience in one sitting. The content in dramatic works (called PLAYS) can be factual (based on … Continue reading “Chapter 6: Drama, with Example” from STARTERS


The Virtue of Crushing Routine

Long-time members of my readership know that I grew up in a Navy family. By the age of ten, I moved four times, crossing the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States three times, and attending four different elementary schools. Besides books, the only constants in my young life were routine family duties. When my … Continue reading The Virtue of Crushing Routine

Where I’ll Be in 2026

It's Easter Sunday, and for the past forty days and forty nights (the Lenten season before Easter) I haven't done the traditional "New Year's Resolution, Catholic-Style" of giving up red meat, coffee, or whatever food I should be partaking less of anyways. I didn't do the usual "do more volunteering" or "be more Earth-friendly" as … Continue reading Where I’ll Be in 2026

When Brown People Talk

So my fellow English department colleague and I were sitting on the lower courtyard stairs, watching volunteers try out the Chinese lion dance outfit after the pro's did their performance during the International Festival yesterday, when our boss's boss came by and asked, "Why don't you two try that out?" "Are you asking that because … Continue reading When Brown People Talk

On Being Conquered: Racism in America

I betcha by now, you've seen this:  Rev. Jeremiah Wright's anti-Hillary screed. Obama's response has got to be the most honest I've read coming from racial politics: "I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community," Obama said, speaking in front of eight American flags. "I can no more disown him … Continue reading On Being Conquered: Racism in America