An Interview with Prof. Rufel F. Ramos

Back in May 2017, a journalism student interviewed me as an assignment and then made it into a very very VERY low-budget video. I didn't know until a few months ago that he uploaded it on YouTube with the privacy settings set to the default "public". I'm not bothered by that because, well, I'm a … Continue reading An Interview with Prof. Rufel F. Ramos


“Chapter 6: Drama, with Example” from STARTERS

DEFINITION  DRAMA is a unique literary form because – unlike creative non-fiction, fiction, and even poetry – it is also a performance art. In other words, it is meant to be seen and heard, not read, by a captive audience in one sitting. The content in dramatic works (called PLAYS) can be factual (based on … Continue reading “Chapter 6: Drama, with Example” from STARTERS

Independence Day in the USA

It's America's 240th birthday today, and these two past posts of mine still do a good job explaining in a nutshell what I believe as a naturalized US citizen, whose parents immigrated to the US from the Marcos-martial-law-era Philippines, back in the 1970s. Cheers, The LQ

The Virtue of Crushing Routine

Long-time members of my readership know that I grew up in a Navy family. By the age of ten, I moved four times, crossing the Pacific Ocean and the continental United States three times, and attending four different elementary schools. Besides books, the only constants in my young life were routine family duties. When my … Continue reading The Virtue of Crushing Routine