State of the LQ, Summer 2017 Edition

I'm still alive! 🙂 Okay -- what’s happened since my previous blog post of 9 May 2017:   1) I taught two, sequential online classes of ENGL 1302, the last one ending just this past Friday. In the first one, two students failed because they didn’t submit enough assignments. In the second one, everybody passed, … Continue reading State of the LQ, Summer 2017 Edition


The C-Word in the Family

No point being coy -- my dad has liver cancer.One day the entire family is celebrating his 70th birthday, and less than a month later, the entire family is grieving over his cancer diagnosis.Grieving and -- truth be told -- very much feeling lost. Even three months later.See, my dad is the patriarch of the … Continue reading The C-Word in the Family

Food as Fuel

In talking with my sister about my eating habits, I'm reminded of the Remo Williams movie that I enjoyed seeing as a kid: Horrible Asian stereotypes aside, what I mostly remembered was the minimalist diet that the Chuin character forced Remo to follow (this is better detailed in the book), pretty much forcing a mindset … Continue reading Food as Fuel

State of the LQ Address: Summer I 2010 Edition

I've been meaning to write more frequently on this blog, but addressing neglected home improvement tasks before the Summer I class session and THEN being back on campus to teach two Comp I classes -- well, there goes my good intentions. So here's a "catch-all" post,  instead of the more focused posts that I've been … Continue reading State of the LQ Address: Summer I 2010 Edition