Making Do

One of my childhood memories of Guam is riding shotgun with my mom as she slowly drove the family station wagon through our early morning neighborhood streets on trash day. On seeing an easily repairable rattan chair thrown with some random person's trash, she stopped the car, launched herself onto the curb, opened the back of … Continue reading Making Do


Metaphorical Rice

Note: I don't eat much white rice these days, which -- as a Filipino -- still feels a little weird during family gatherings. The essay below (written in 2000) explains why. I think rice is a good metaphor for the Filipino American. Actually, it’s what the Filipino American does to rice that makes rice the metaphor. Let … Continue reading Metaphorical Rice

Food as Fuel

In talking with my sister about my eating habits, I'm reminded of the Remo Williams movie that I enjoyed seeing as a kid: Horrible Asian stereotypes aside, what I mostly remembered was the minimalist diet that the Chuin character forced Remo to follow (this is better detailed in the book), pretty much forcing a mindset … Continue reading Food as Fuel

Daniel Likes Spinach!

Ever since Morningstar discontinued its Spinach Artichoke Veggie Bites, I've been hard-pressed to find a product just like it available.  Having spinach in a bite-sized form that also has cheese in it (for protein and calcium) was almost like finding the Holy Grail. So I looked around for simple spinach casserole recipes, and I found … Continue reading Daniel Likes Spinach!