Getting Back into Drawing

When I was younger, I used to draw my story ideas instead of writing them down. Except for one art class in high school and a Human Figure I drawing class in college, I'm a self-taught drawer, and -- like most Pacific Rim folks of my generation -- my favorite style to draw is anime/ … Continue reading Getting Back into Drawing


Making Do

One of my childhood memories of Guam is riding shotgun with my mom as she slowly drove the family station wagon through our early morning neighborhood streets on trash day. On seeing an easily repairable rattan chair thrown with some random person's trash, she stopped the car, launched herself onto the curb, opened the back of … Continue reading Making Do

Crocheting Meditation

When I was about seven or eight, my mom tried to teach me to crochet. Mom was a master at it, making doilies, cozies, centerpieces, and even window sheers with the thinnest of crochet threads and the tiniest hooks. I tried to crochet like she did, but I didn't have the patience for the thinnest of crochet … Continue reading Crocheting Meditation

“How does it DO that?”

...asks my sister as she peers into the flames of the new living room fireplace. Fake flames, that is... coming from an ELECTRIC fireplace. Like my mom, I often get tired of the same look in the living room after a couple of years, especially since there isn't an obvious focal point.  The TV is a small thing … Continue reading “How does it DO that?”

DIY Playsets on the Brain

Way back when, the spring before Daniel was born, my (now former) martial arts teacher donated the old wooden Rainbow playset that his two sons had outgrown.  He and his sons dismantled it as best they could and, after a slow and precarious one-hour drive, the parts made it to my backyard. Whereupon, they sat … Continue reading DIY Playsets on the Brain