About the LQ

I started this blog in June 2003 as a personal journal. The title comes from a line from The Simpsons, when Lisa Simpson, stoned on the water from an amusement park water ride, declares in sonorous tones, “I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN!” Like Lisa, I’m probably so booksmart that I can easily talk myself into doing foolish things. Like Lisa, I’m passionate about what I believe in. And, like Lisa, I’m an idealist at heart.

On a less Simpson-esque note, I’m an English professor at a local community college (Rufel F. Ramos, PEEE AITCH DEEE), a writer, a divorced single mother to one little boy, an aunt, a big sister, an oldest daughter (as well as the oldest child), an adopted kid, and an Asian-American (half Chinese, half Filipino, but raised to be all-Pinay, in a US Navy household).  I’ve been a student, in one fashion or another, for more than half of my life.  Considering that my 40’s have begun, that’s a LONG DANG TIME to be in school.


17 Responses to About the LQ

  1. Joe Russell says:

    Hi Lizard Queen! I’m a fairly new English teacher looking around the web for ideas, and I ran into your blog. I love your sense of humor. I bet your students really appreciate you!

  2. Kudos to your enlightened disposition to clowns such as “yur stupid” and “pudding tame.” Why would people even post such things? Have you made some enemies?

    If you’re interested in more dialogue on educational topics, I invite you to my blog:


  3. lizardqueen says:

    To Pudding Tame: 1) Sorry, your command is biologically unfeasible, and 2) bored much?

    Hey, I’m just glad you weren’t a SpamBot from Russia, linking your screen name to a porn site! Yay you!

    (Yes, I’m gonna leave PUDDING TAME’s comment up here for a bit — even web trolls need love!)

  4. PUDDING TAME says:


  5. lizardqueen says:

    Fatima: ::gulp:: No pressure! 🙂

  6. Fatima EL-Hallaq says:

    Whether you are the Lizard Queen or like Lisa Simpson or the English Professor (that you are to me) or whatever else it may be, you are great, cool, and smart. I look up to you, like a role model. And I hope to become a wonderful, humorous, and highly educated English major like you 😀

  7. lizardqueen says:

    Phil: It’s not the Doors that’s the context — it’s Lisa Simpson that’s the contex. Usually OCD, high-achiever, uptight, and taking herself entirely too seriously… but then, in moments of silliness, showing a goofy, free-spirited side of herself.

    Even if it takes a little bratty brother to dare her to drink the “water”, 🙂

  8. phil says:

    So what is the big deal about the lizard queen? This is obviously taken from Jim Morrison’s “I am the lizard king”. The question is why this has been given an independent context.

  9. lizardqueen says:

    Mr Turner: Broad racial generalizations — from either “White” or “Black” — never solved anything.

    Never. Solved. Anything.

    Please read my “On Being Conquered” blog entries. For the world is much more complicated than perhaps your world view perceives.

    Pax, and good night, Mr. Turner.

  10. Bruce V.S. Turner says:

    Wait and see

  11. Bruce V.S. Turner says:

    It is truly amazing the lengths white people will take to justify or deny their evil deeds that history proves their deliberate atrocities against the Black Race. Their Racist superior attitude is coming to an end sooner than they think. On that you can bet.

  12. Josh says:

    I read your note about Shing Yi.
    I am practicing Shing Yi in Israel for some time.
    And you are right – Shing Yi can be related as a moving meditation method.
    can be also considered as a step before sitting-down meditation.
    It’s a step between martial arts (external) and stillness meditation.
    (the body and soul/mind should be very strong for the sitting-down meditation).

    Takes a lot of time to master Shing Yi – and what you sensed is just the little edge of a vast world of excitment….
    I recommend you try it for couple of month – you will never quit..:)

    Best wished and good luck with the incoming birth.

  13. weese says:

    Hi, Lizard Queen-

    I really enjoyed your blog about the conquering of the American Indians and all. I am currently taking a Minority Relations class and came across your site while researching for a discussion. You have a very interesting family history.

    And I loved your response to Yur Stupid…they made me smile and therefore, will help me have a better day. 🙂

  14. lizardqueen says:

    Hi, yur stupid! 🙂

    Nice to see a variation of English that, as part of my job as an English teacher, I help to cure so that my students who talk or write like that don’t so that, oh, people will like them. And give them jobs. And be happy.

    You don’t sound happy. What’s wrong? Anything I can do to help? ::BEEEEEG HUGS:: Need a cookie? Or a puppy? Maybe a puppy with cookies! That’s it!

    ::MORE HUGS:: A puppy with cookies and an English speech textbook!

    P.S. And if I were you, I wouldn’t have “yur stupid” as your comment name because, umm… that just makes you sound, well… stupid.

    Just a suggestion. Peace and love, to you, dude. Peace and love…

  15. yur stupid says:

    yur so gay yu stupid bitch.

  16. lizardqueen says:

    I’ll try my best to make it worth reading. 🙂

  17. Merrill Malkerson says:

    Thanks for posting the poem by Houseman. I ran across, “All thoughts to rive the heart are here…” and the following line in a footnote by Patrick Leigh Fermor in his “Between the Woods and the Water”, which I am reading, but he didn’t identify his source.

    You have intersting things to say. I want to read further.

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