State of the LQ, Summer 2018 Edition


Okay — what’s happened since my previous blog post of 10 July 2017 (EEEEP!):



For Fall 2017, I taught my usual stuff of ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302, and Honors ENGL 1301. In a change of pace, I taught a literature class for mostly dual-credit high students: World Literature I. Since I had never taught that class before, I relied on old standbys — Homer’s The Odyssey, Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, Beowulf, Dante’s The Inferno, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Milton’s Paradise Lost.

People, I tried not to FREAK OUT as I taught these things to these little people. Even though I’ve been teaching on the college level since 1999, I still get mini-semi-panicky feelings, “OMG OMG OMG” whenever I teach something brand-spankin’ new. Yes, I’ve studied them as an undergrad and grad student, but I’ve never approached these works on the other side of the student desk, as the teacher.

Fake it till you make it, as the saying goes — and, surprisingly, what worked to tie all of these works together was to approach it with a feminist slant. YUP — surprised me too. But I believe that a good teacher reads his or her classroom (that is, gets a feeling for what the students are like and what they need), and, seeing a small classroom of junior and senior high school students, my professorial gut pointed to that “Where’s the women?” approach. And, thank-you-Baby-Jesus, it WORKED.

Spring 2018 was similar as the Fall 2017, plus doing the “Creative Writing Contest Coordinator” gig, emceeing a karaoke event for the campus’ Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration, and curating an “everyone can contribute” Haiku Wall.

I barely had time to breathe as I wooshed through teaching a three-week intensive ENGL 1302 class for the last bit of May and am now in the early throes of Summer I‘s ENGL 1302 course.

Good thing I like my day job. 🙂

2) Guys — GUYS! I paid off my graduate school loan. WOOT WOOT WOOT!

3) Guys — GUYS! I moved into a new-to-me house — nicer, smaller, and wee bit closer to my folks. But since my brother wants to buy my old house after he finishes renovating it (he has visions of AirBnB greatness but meanwhile is doing rent-to-own), I actually had to take out a new mortgage for the new-to-me house.

So, not-so-WOOT there.

But I fired up my spreadsheet and forecast paying off the mortgage before the kiddo graduates from high school (perhaps earlier if mi hermoso gives me a lump sum if he takes out his own mortgage loan). So, YAY.

4) I pulled my right gastrocnemius muscle TWICE before the Fall 2017 semester started. After that, I haven’t gone back to serious training for runs, as hobbling along on a pulled muscle HURT LIKE HELL. So I celebrated paying off my school loan (earlier than originally projected) by buying a new-to-me house.  And drinking a beer. 🙂

5) I ended up namby-pambying around on how to start that first chapter again, but then watching the “holy Deux Ex Machina, Batman!” movie that is Singularity and then binge-watching the BBC’s Jonathan Strange and Mr, Norrell, I think I know where to go — I just have to get off my lazy, dithering ass and write the damn thing.  That’s why I’m not teaching in Summer II (while the kiddo’s at summer day camp).  HEH.

The LQ




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