Done: I Read My Own Dang Book

In my previous blog post, I gave the reason for reading my nonfiction book, Scaffolds: A Childhood Memoir of Books. (<– This link, by the way, gives you the option of either paying teeny-weeny bit o’ money for the paperback or Kindle versions OR going the route of my students and getting the free PDF version.)

Considering that I’m reading my own dang book for my students to use (instead of creating an audiobook to sell), I decided not to stress over production quality and professionalism.

In other words, I recorded myself this week, mostly in one take,in my jammies/ sweatpants, talking into a lapel mike connected to a mini-iPad (with the Voice Record Pro app recording) as I read the PDF version on my home office’s monitor screen. Any mistakes or stutters in reading — if they weren’t too egregious — I let STAND.

Also — wow, that lapel mike is sensitive! You can hear every spit-swallow (hey, I get dry-mouth), the ticks of the wall-clock, my slight office chair squeaks, and the occasional distant shuffling of my sister’s cat.

At first that bothered me, but my students need this soon. I report back to my college campus next week as the Spring 2016 semester gears up to go, and — once it starts — I will have NADA… NYET… NEIN… no time to make a fancy-shmancy audiobook-quality version of Scaffolds.

“Eff it,” I declared to my sister’s cat. “This’ll do.”

So, here’s the “This’ll Do” audio version of Scaffolds, which I set up as a playlist on YouTube. Yup, it’s just unexpurgated me, reading my own dang book in my slackerwear. I’d suggest that you have the actual book open as you hear me read it since I know I tend to read too fast and elide — i.e. “American Mumble” — my words.

(Hey, I may be a college professor and writer, but a trained voice actor I ain’t — heh!)

My  work is done. Now ’tis time for me to put on proper pants.

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