Reading My Own Dang Book

Scaffolds_Cover_for_KindleSo, one of my goals over the winter break between semesters is reading my own dang book into a wee recording iPad app and putting up the whole shebang — in chapter installments — on YouTube.

I’m doing this because a few of my students asked this past fall if I had an audiobook version of Scaffolds. I didn’t, and I still don’t. I looked into ACX, but the time and money I’d have to invest — time to set up a proper recording studio, money to buy proper recording stuff — had and still have put me off on making a proper audiobook.

But I admitted that a need for one was there (if only to accommodate the requirements of Disability Services on my campus), so I figured an informal — that is, not-ready-for-Amazon-nor-Audible — voice recording of me is better than nothing.

Two things I’ve noticed:

  1. Reading my own dang book is harder than it looks. How do professional voice actors/ narrators keep up passable quality for hours on end like that? Much respect to them!
  2. I hate the sound of my recorded voice. I knew that already going in — I make my outgoing work voicemail message as short as possible for that reason — but… DUDE. I sound like I’m a middle-schooler pretending she’s her mom on the phone so that she can get out of school. Does the pitch of my voice really sound that high?

I’ve only had the chance to record the opening title, dedication, and “Introduction” (what with Christmas family celebrations and all). But it’s a start.

Happy holidays (it’s still the Christmas season for me until Epiphany), and have a wonderful New Year.

(Speaking of which: it’ll be 2016 in three days — oy vey!)




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