Reading Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind VII: Created in Man’s Image

Note: In light of the electoral campaigning going on in the US, this journal entry has become timely.

27 September 1999

Some further thoughts on the role of the State and then man’s relationship to God.

Overall, man is guided by the Rational, and the State, a construct of man’s reason, is also guided by the Rational of the man that creates it.

Therefore, the State is created in man’s image, and thus if that man’s reason is does not fully actualize the Rational, which guides the totality of everything, including everything Good, i.e., fully realize the notion of his Mind, which is Liberty, then the State that is created from such a man’s reason will also not realize Liberty and appear Irrational.

Hence, the historical existence of such regimes as Stalinism and Nazism.

So the State is created in Man’s image, but once created becomes the organism in which man belongs and fulfills his Mind’s notion of liberty.

Similarly, Man is created in God’s image in the Judeo-Christian tradition. I have finished reading “Absolute Mind,” and I realize that the Logos incarnated – Christ – is the concrete unity of revealed religion and man’s Mind, in concert with divine man’s awareness of his divinity, realizes the Absolute Mind (Spirit) when it is aware that it is the concrete unity of Absolute Mind (Spirit) in Philosophy.

This realization makes me ask, is Man “God”?

This question does not mean is God Pantheistic, i.e., is God in Everything, which Hegel discounts clearly (section 573). What I refer to is the “notion of philosophy [as] self-thinking Idea, the truth aware of itself” (section 574) in which “philosophy appears as a subjective cognition, of which liberty is the aim, and which is itself the way to produce it” (576):

If God, as Reason, is not some abstract form a priori to His manifestation in Logic, Nature, and Spirit but is always in everything in a manner akin to circles within circles without a beginning, akin to a liquid in which one cannot remove Reason in these manifestations even on the most concrete level, and man’s Mind actualizes this Reason by becoming aware of it, then does Man — in fact — create God in philosophy?

In other words, like the State, is God created in Man’s image, and, like the State, once becomes the organism in which man also belongs in order to fulfill Man’s notion of liberty?

Simply put: is idea of God in one person’s nation different from the idea of God in another’s?

I think Hegel says “No” to this question, but it is a problem that I do not think Hegel resolves very well, what with the primacy of man’s Mind as being necessary in the actualization of Absolute Mind and what without the creation (so to speak) of a Platonic realm outside of the concrete realm to posit God as definitely prior to Man.

Perhaps this problem in resolved dialectically because God as Creator appears to be prior to God as Son (Logos), and so man’s Mind, mirroring Christ’s Mind, is also prior in the order of the dialectic.


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