Flying through July

Here it is, the last wee bits of July, and I’m squeaking by this blog post so I can say, “This is a monthly blog.”  ::cue weak applause::

July just ends up being one of those hodge-podge months for me: finishing up summer teaching, prepping ahead for fall semester lesson planning, getting to long-standing home maintenance, putting out emergency home improvement fires, hanging out with family, and perhaps working on a personal organizational or creative project or two.

Just like all previous July’s, the same has gone for this July.  The only difference has been thusly:

1) After re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, especially the chapter about Severus Snape’s background and his secret life/identity after his death — and then seeing the cinema version of it onscreen — my imagination went all afire with WRITE WRITE WRITE, and so I have this novel-in-my-head that I had to do some research.

That is, I saw Kevin Smith’s Dogma again, re-read pertinent bits of Dante’s Inferno and Milton’s Paradise Lost, contemplated seeing the movie Constantine again (but decided against it), bought and read two books (one on angelology, the other on the biblical Satan), re-read L’Engle’s Many Waters (about Noah’s family and the nephilim), read bits of the Bible and bible commentary, and watched an episode of House.

So now I have a grumpy kinda-sorta fallen angel who calls himself Ed and looks like Hugh Laurie.

2) I have been dealing with a not-quite four-year old who has turned from an outgoing, smiling, affectionate child at preschool into a moody, arm-folding, anti-social little git who had the audacity one day to declare to his preschool teacher, “You’re not my mother.”  Oh, and he’s started having potty accidents at his preschool as well (and a couple of them just TODAY).

AAAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!  ::cleansing breath::  How does that saying go? “This, too, shall pass.”

3) The final divorce decree is imminent, and I’ve been in this odd emotional holding pattern of “Sword of Damocles?  Waiting for the shoe to drop?  One door closes, another door opens?  All of the above?”   Oh, what FUN.

And so, this July has gone “WHOOOOSH.”  And — see — not one peep about Congress getting its head out of where the sun don’t shine!  🙂


About lizardqueen

If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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