Adventures in Potty-Training

It’s nearing the end of the first month of the New Year, and I can safely announce that the little guy is officially pull-ups free during the day!

::cue celebratory horn section::

Even though he’s been in the “underwear-only” preK-3 room since September, I’ve been still overly cautious in putting him in store-brand pull-ups whenever we’d go errand-running, visiting the grandparents, going to the park/church/McDonald’s — pretty much anywhere that wasn’t home or his preschool.

But after a few weeks of the little guy being dry during all of those excursions — and, on his own, going potty in his potty chair* once at home — I felt secure enough that he wouldn’t have accidents when we were out and about.  (Of course, to ensure that, he’d have to go potty BEFORE we went out and about — but STILL!)

Also, what reinforced that surety was that he’d be dry during his post-lunch naps, and a few times he’d even be dry in the morning, after TEN HOURS of sleep.

Dear readers, can I have a “Hallelujah!”?

As any parent knows, disposable diapers/pull-ups/whatnot can get expensive, what with maintaining a healthy stock of disposables, diaper rash stuff, waterproof bedding, and laundry products (for the seemingly never-ending cycle of pee’d-or-pooped clothing and/or bedding).  Knowing that those things no longer need budgeting (and, believe me, the expense indeed warrants budgeting!)  makes me and my checkbook smile so much that it hurts.

I have had a half-used package of store-brand pull-ups, just sitting on the shelf for over a month in the little guy’s bedroom.  Part of me thinks of giving it away, while the paranoid part of me thinks, “Welllll… just in case.”

Of course, he’s not fully potty-trained at night, which I’ve read won’t happen until he’s school-age — about age 5, 6, or even later is normal.  So I’ll still have in stock Kroger’s brand disposable night pants (they’re like Goodnites but cheaper and plainer), as well as Depend Boost Inserts, which I put in the disposable night pants.  The result is pretty bulky but guarantees dry mornings (at least on his PJs and bedding).  And if the little guy is totally dry in the morning, then I can re-use it — how economical is that?  🙂



* The little guy’s potty chair is situated on one end of his bedroom, up against a wall, next to a corner shelving unit.  I created a “potty station” by having a small trash bin on the bottom shelf, a roll of toilet paper on the middle shelf, and a small lamp on the top shelf. Then I set down an old yoga mat, put the potty chair on it, and then had a small folding chair next to the potty with easily accessible kids’ books on it.  (The foot of his bed is next to the folding chair.)

Perpendicular to this set-up is a covered toy-chest, on which are a spare cloth diaper (for drying) and a container of Target-brand diaper wipes.

When I wonder where the little guy is and find that his bedroom door is closed (but it was open before), 100% of time he’s on his potty, “reading” a book.  When I check on him and ask, “Close the door?” if he’s not done he’ll say calmly, “Close the door.”



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