Sayonara, Summer — It’s Been Swell

Can I just say, where the HECK did August go?  It feels like, just a moment ago, I was spooging about the backyard and playsets and then — BOOM — I’ve been working my patookus off, getting ready for the Fall 2010 semester, with my six classes.

But briefly about the summer project: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I really have no fear of Daniel (or any other little person, for that matter) running around, playing outside anymore. Removing all of the climbing ivy from the backyard and pruning much of the trees eliminated areas for mosquitoes to rest when they weren’t biting. No more ivy and loose brush = no more mosquitoes. I didn’t even have to use the backyard mosquito sprayer that I had bought, just in case.

Also, the area behind and next to shed (along the fence line) is now free and clear, thanks to the help of a teenage boy and his truck one late July day. Good thing, too, as one of Daniel’s favorite outside activities is to RUN AROUND the shed. 🙂

Unfortunately, the summer ran out too soon to do anything with the monkey bar kit that I received earlier this month. So I stored the kit away in some freed up closet space. (Actually, between Craigslist and Freecycle, I’ve freed up A LOT of space in the back room and shed, not to mention having enough cash on hand that I didn’t touch the debit card for one week — always a nice feeling.)

Oh yeah — I even cleared out, decluttered, swept, and patched the outside shed. How’s that for getting down to that pesky item on the To-Do List that’s been sitting there for YEARS?

Doing all of these things have been downright psychologically therapeutic for me because of two life-changing events, new for this summer: 1) the Hubby separated from me and 2) my biological father’s niece found me on Facebook; they all live in Hawaii and want to meet me.

I took both of those facts, breathed deeply, and took it out on the backyard… and front lawn… and the inside clutter.. and taking care of my kid… and, now, readying to go back to work and teach. Even a bout with poison ivy and an allergic reaction to a wasp sting to the side of face didn’t deter me (although both gave me more impetus to eliminate both the damn variations of ivy AND the wasps — who live in the IVY and the trumpet vine).

I have experienced drama — more drama than a person would want in a lifetime — and I want no part in it. So I am taking the separation in stride (being financially secure just on my own helps that, as well as having a loving family not too far away), politely Facebook messaging the niece, and living my life as simply as I can.

The social highlight of my summer — heck, the ONLY social highlight of my summer — was going to my 20-year high school reunion two weekends ago. I almost didn’t go; when I did go, I was three hours late, after Daniel’s godmother arrived to babysit and I had put him to bed.

As it turned out, that reunion was also therapeutic, talking with fellow geek friends that I hadn’t seen either since the last reunion (ten years ago) or even as long ago as our high school graduation. (We were all in Academic Decathlon or friends of an ADer.)

SGPHS Academic Decathlon Team, 1989-1990. I'm the shortest one.

At age 38, my memories of my 18-year old self are faded, blurry, and even outright gone. So when one of my high school friends, whom I met when we were both 10 years old in the first days of school of the fifth grade, recounted to me about a dismembered Bubble-Yum Baby DOLL that I used to drag along as some sort of LOVEY, my memory of that doll and doing that was NOT THERE. I had to take his word for it, because not only did I forget it, the neural pathway to that memory was simply NOT THERE.

But it was cool to be reminded of memories that I barely have or don’t have anymore — like hearing a story that you read so long ago that you don’t remember the plot anymore, even though your sort of remember the main characters and how to ending goes. And it was cool to hear everyone’s life-after-high-school stories, as mine I kept short, simple, and tacit: “Since the last reunion, I got married, I got a house, I got a PhD, I got a job, I got a kid, and I got separated. How’s life been for you?”

After having gone through the stages of grief towards my marriage, I can say that the “acceptance” stage is a peaceful place to be… which is good, because I don’t have the luxury to be otherwise. A very busy Fall semester begins next week, and my baby boy will be a young preschooler next month, with all the challenges and adventures that he brings.

Bring it. 🙂


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If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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