At 33 Months: Potty Training

It may seem ridiculous to use the “months” designation for Daniel’s age since he’ll be three years old at the end of September.  But, just as a 24 month-old and a 2o month-old are different enough developmentally, Daniel at 33 months (2 3/4 years) has reached a developmental milestone that wasn’t there at 30 months and earlier.

In other words, he’s potty-trained.

Kind of.

Since being promoted to Room 3 at his preschool, he’s been exposed to fully potty-trained kids in his age-group.  And while he’s not perfect — and STILL doesn’t tell either his teacher nor me that he has to go — if we time it right, we can get the little guy on the toilet when common-sense tells us it’s time, like after he’s had a meal with lots of liquids or after he’s woken up from a nap or night-time sleep.

Ms. Jane, the teacher, officially declared that he’s Pull-ups free, so he’s been in Big Kid Underwear for the past week-and-a-half.  (They’re Nick Jr. themed 2T-3T briefs, with Go Diego Go, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Wonder Pets graphics.  I had made sure that Daniel was the one picking them out when we had gone Big Kid Underwear shopping at Target.)

So instead of a supply of Target knock-off Pull-ups in his classroom cubby, he has a healthy supply of undies and shorts, just in case of accidents, as well as an empty gallon-size ziploc baggie.  To say the least, I’ve been handwashing and air-drying whatever Ms. Jane would encase in plastic for me to pick up since 1) washing a pair of wet/ soiled undies and shorts in the washing machine is silly and 2) letting them pile up until it would be a proper load of laundry is gross.

Today, however, was the first day that he didn’t have a potty accident at school today, and there was much rejoicing!  (YAY.)

It’s funny that we have two potty chairs in the house (one that looks like a little toilet and another that’s shaped like a frog), but not ONCE has Daniel used them for their intended use.  He mostly treats them like chairs or toy buckets, depending on his mood.  But the toilet at home (with this padded Go Diego Go themed kid-sized toilet seat on it that someone gave me at my BABY SHOWER) has been where he’s done his business, including wanting to flush BEFORE anything gets done, just for the heck of it.  Or maybe the sound of the whooshing water gets him going…?

I think he’s more comfortable going potty in an actual toilet because the potty training at school are actual flushing, porcelain toilets — just very small ones.  (The first time I saw them, I couldn’t help but say, “OMIGOD, how CUTE!!!” — ummm… yeah.)

All I can say is THANK GOD FOR MS. JANE.  I’ve been fretting a bit of how to go about this whole potty-training thing, since the only serious free time would be on the weekends and, realistically speaking, once my Summer I classes are over.  But just reinforcing what his teacher has been doing is a whole lot less stressful to THIS still-new mom, even though I’ve been reading all the potty-training advice like an obsessive-compulsive since Daniel was 18 months old.

I’m hoping that Daniel will be truly potty-trained by his 3rd birthday — that is, he’ll actually tell me or his teacher that he has to go BEFORE he goes and without our asking him all the time.  Now THAT would be a big milestone, as that lays the foundation for when Daniel outgrows his daycare/preschool and moves on to kindergarten and beyond.

He’s 3 feet tall and 31 pounds at 33 months.  He’s growing FAST.

Let’s just hope that his mommy can keep up.  ::fingers crossed::


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