Vente Lattes Are My Friends

I woke up at 5:50 am this morning, after a rather lousy night’s sleep.

Being in an unfamiliar city (i.e., St. Louis, MO), for an unfamiliar conference (the Sigma Tau Delta annual convention), to chaperone relatively unfamiliar students (SKD members), while leaving the little guy with relatively unfamiliar surroundings (five days at his grandparents’ house) — well, all of those things — will do that.

And that is why vente lattes are my friends because — oh yes — I am a sleepy Lizard Queen this fine post-St. Paddy’s day morning!

And I would blog longer, but the Hyatt Regency in St. Louis only gives free wireless in one-hour increments and — between checking the email accounts, checking out my daily web comeex, and the news — I’m nearly through this first hour.  And the first morning session will begin soon.

So…  TTFN!

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