New Piti Elementary Facebook Group

For all of my readers/ visitors who have found my blog through a Google search for New Piti Elementary, just a public service announcement: If you’re on Facebook, do a search for “New Piti Elementary” — this Facebook Group will result.  Not many members (so far).   I just joined.  🙂

For the record:  I attended the second half of first grade (early 1979) through the end of fourth grade (early summer 1982).  Then my father got transferred to NAS Dallas, so that’s how my family ended up in Texas (where we still are).

First grade: Miss Willeford.  Second grade: I don’t remember her name, but I remember her smile.  She was very pregnant at the time.  Third grade: a great guy whose first name (Bruce) I remember, but not his last.  He never came back after the teachers’ strike that school year.  Fourth grade: Mr. Paulino.  He liked playing Air Supply records on the school record player during testing and silent reading times.  I even remember the principal: Ms. Chargulauf (sp?) — I don’t know why I remember her, but I do.   🙂

My younger sister Wendy has a better memory than I do, so she’d be able to give more details about what living on Guam and going to New Piti Elementary School than I could.

Wow, I miss that school.  How time flies when growing up happens!


One thought on “New Piti Elementary Facebook Group

  1. I was at New Piti the same time as you! Had similar teachers too. I am still in touch with Lanie Noquez, Tiffany Larscheid and Marie Edwards if those names sound familiar. I just went back to visit Guam for the first time since leaving in 1985. New Piti is now A middle school but looks almost exactly the same!

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