Why I Had to Apologize to My Students

Because I’m woefully behind on grading — their FIRST essays, at that!

This semester is one of those semesters in which the scrambling-to-make-the-bills days of adjunct teaching look positively paradisal.  Just teaching as my only job duties?  OH BOY!

Teaching is still my main reason form employment, but my “Student Service” and “Institutional Service” side of my job duties have me leaning against the ropes, trying to catch my breath  (to use a boxing metaphor.  My role as the faculty advisor for the campus’s English honor society has become intense, as I’m guiding three SKD members to the annual convention during this upcoming Spring Break.  Filling out the paperwork to ensure funding for this trip has been an adventure in Public Education Bureaucracy, including taking care of liability issues, since we’re going out of state.

In a phrase : WHAT FUN.

I also find myself doing midwifery, guiding the honor society to form a creative writing club that’s open to any student, irrespective of academic standing, in addition to overseeing the bookdrive and membership drive.  My role in the “Student Service” side of my job is more than taken care of in any future job evaluation, that’s for sure.

But that’s PEANUTS to the Institutional Service side:

1) Common Book Committee — I’m the lead composer and layout of the Student Resource Guide, as well as the Instruction Resource Guide.  It didn’t exactly hit me that my role had expanded until the chair asked that I give a presentation to the college-wide community during our annual campus-wide professional development day (coming next week), and I emailed the college president asking for a Welcome message to the student guide, using her first name because she attended my Common Book discussion panel from last semester (and so she knows who I am), and she emailed me back, not only with the requested Welome, but also with a willingness to revise it if I ask her to.

2) Arts and Letters Committee — Not only am I coordinating the Student Literary Competition on my campus, but I find myself also being a judge for the District-wide competition.  This, as well as my role in the planning of the Arts and Literary Festival for this April, has made me somewhat dread March, for that month will be HELLA BIZY. (But I’m happy to say that I was able to secure one of my old college friends a speaker’s spot on the festival schedule — yay!)

3) Asian-American Heritage Month Festival — I’ve volunteered to contribute to the Filipino table with STUFF that I have.  I’m also on-call to be on a discussion panel as well… just in case the panel happens, that is.

4) Rubric Committee — my membership to this committee just started this week.  I’m hoping this will be a “one and done” sort of committee, like the Core Curriculum Steering, English Department Redesign Website, and English Program SLO’s committees that I was on last semester.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Just READING over this list makes me tired!

So, off to bed I go (after having taken a prescription-strength allergy pill because it’s gotten warm enough that pollen’s been up), with the goal to wake up REALLY EARLY and grade.

That’s the goal, at least — because I really don’t want to apologize again to my students, come Monday!


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If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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