That Transition from 2 to 3

From a 2-year old to a 3-year old, that is.

As seen from the previous post, Daniel isn’t a baby anymore, and he is rapidly growing out of toddlerhood with each passing week.  I was gobsmacked by how fast he would leave behind his babyhood and early toddlerhood, once he turned two last fall.

Bottle?  Gone.  And that’s without me even trying to take it away from him.  Just one morning, he didn’t want it anymore.  And so it’s been an orange strawcup for the warmed Horizon 1% low-fat DHA chocolate milk that we call “cocoa” for his bedtime snack, and a green one for the cold 1% low-fat milk (which he drinks every once in awhile, usually with teddy grahams).  To ensure he has something with calcium in the morning, he gets Danonino yogurt, which he likes (yay!), before we head out to preschool and work.

Pacifier? Gone.  And, again, that’s without me trying to take it away from him.  Just one evening, he didn’t want it anymore.

Of course, he has been in his toddler bed since a week after his second birthday, and he adjusted to that relatively quickly, as I recounted in an earlier post.  What he hasn’t adjusted to yet is potty training, although the “Poo-doh” incident impressed upon me this thought: Perhaps we ought to move to training pants, as poopy diapers are just waaaay too messy to remove by a determined 2-year old.

So this week Daniel’s been in Target training pants during the day, Huggies Overnight diapers with an added Depend Boost Insert per diaper at night.  No nasty leaks or poop blowouts, day or night.  🙂  However, I know that wearing disposable training pants may not quicken the toilet training process, but Daniel’s preschool requires them — understandably.  Can you imagine a PreK-2 teacher trying to deal with eight to ten, not-quite potty-trained 2-year olds in one room?  She would go INSANE with the leaking and the smell.

By the way — that’s one of the reasons why I like Daniel’s preschool: potty training is part of its curriculum.  🙂

While he’s not potty trained yet, Daniel’s still acting more and more like a very young preschooler, especially when it comes to electronics.  He can find and turn on any power switch on any electronic device.  He had figured out laptops/ desktops awhile ago, and he’s proficient with copiers, printers, cell phones, TVs, CD players, and electronic musical instruments.  He was so enamored with Hubby’s old Gameboy (once he figured out how to turn it on).  But I was afraid that he’d drop it (since it’s pretty heavy for a 2-year old), so I got him a Fisher Price preschool version, which arrived a couple of days ago.  He calls it “Beep” and loves the kiddie Space Invaders (called “Castle Catapult” — but the baddies are still aliens).

Can I just say that he knows how to do “Replay” for a YouTube video that just ended, by pressing the Space Bar?  🙂

It just takes my breath away, just how fast he’s growing.  I can’t believe that he’ll be 3 later this year!


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If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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