A Quiet Christmas

Thanks to my parents’ edict that gift-giving would be for the grandkids (i.e., the two grandsons), my Christmas gift shopping wasn’t as harried as years past.  Twelve wonderful women at Daniel’s preschool got colorful scarves (yay, Walmart’s women’s accessories department!).  Daniel, as I mentioned in an earlier post, got a Fisher-Price driving toy.  His cousin Vincent got a Transformers hoodie and wool-hat, in addition to a 2010 season’s pass to the local Six Flags.

It was only for the Hubby’s gift that took a bit of legwork — a long, leather coat.  It’s amazing how much men get shafted when it comes to clothing choices in retail stores.  I went to five places, looking for the Hubby’s gift, and it was only at the fifth and last place that I found it:  a men’s black leather trenchcoat, sized small.

Since the Hubby was going to spend Christmas with his father and stepmom in Kansas — which was going to experience blizzard-like conditions before Christmas — the Hubby opened his gift early so that he could use it while in Kansas.  We even went to the same store where I got the coat to get him a cold-weather, black felt hat.

Afterward, we set up the well-used Christmas shrub, setting it on one of the endtables in the livingroom and decorating it with a gold garland and red bows.  No glass tree ornaments this year, as we knew that Daniel would just mess with them.  🙂

The Hubby left very early Wednesday (just an hour past midnight), with his father’s Christmas gift in tow (a Gretch guitar he found in, of all places, an antiques shop in a Grapevine strip mall).   As Wednesday was an unusually warm and beautiful day, Daniel and I spent the morning (after his breakfast) at the nearby park, in the playground area.  As usual, Daniel really liked the slides and the sand.  Later that day (after his nap and post-nap snack), Daniel and I headed to NorthPark Mall.

Unfortunately, we ran into Christmas shopping traffic, and all that stop-and-go made Daniel carsick.  😦  Yes, he threw up.  But after I pulled into a DART parking lot, cleaned him up (thank God for baby wipes and baby powder!), and changed him into a fresh set of clothes, he was all smiles and laughter.  So, since we were almost there, I figured “Why battle the traffic going home and risk car sickness again?”

I’m glad I did that, as Daniel enjoyed NorthPark, especially the Ronald McDonald House Trains and the mall’s dancing water fountain (always a kid favorite).  It was there at the water fountain that a young father, after giving an oatmeal cookie to his very young daughter (I’d guess her age to be about eight months), offered to share some: “I got plenty,” he said, holding up a Christmas-printed baggie.  I thanked him, got one, broke it in half, ate the first half, and then gave the second half to Daniel.

Very much feeling the Christmas spirit.

On early Christmas Eve (which was overcast, drizzly, and a little bit snowy), we headed to the nearby mall and spent the late morning in the kids’ play area, having a lunch of chicken nuggets, fries, apple slices, milk, and water.  While Daniel was down for his nap, I tidied up the house and started packing.  After giving him a very very early dinner, we got ready for Christmas Vigil Mass, packed up the car, and headed for my parents’ parish church, about a half-hour drive’s away.

The snow really started to blow, which was something I hadn’t seen in Texas in a very long time around the Christmas season (sometime in mid-January or early February — yes; Christmas-time — no).    Thanks to the previously warm day yesterday, the wet, icy stuff didn’t stick to the ground just yet, although many of the drivers around me didn’t believe that and drove BADLY.

No surprise that we were late for the Mass.  Fortunately, we were just in time to see the kids’ Christmas pageant, including my nephew’s role as The Little Drummer Boy.  🙂

In my family, gift opening happens after the Christmas Mass.  So, since the family went to the 6pm Christmas Vigil Mass, gift opening happened once everyone got back from church — around 8pm.   Then we ate.

And ate.  And ate.  Much TV watching and eating.  With family.  🙂

Before Daniel and I left for home Saturday night, my brother and his girlfriend took us, his son, and his girlfriend’s nieces to watch the city’s sponsored Christmas lights and Christmas carnival.  Unfortunately, Daniel’s still too small for the more adventurous rides.  But he liked the carousel — always a classic favorite.

And when we got home, we faced two very irate cats:  “Where have you BEEN????”

Oops — I guess I need to Christmas shop for the cats.  🙂  Update:  In a catfood and kitty litter grocery run this afternoon, I picked up a package of jingle balls and one of those “fishing” wands.  Merry Christmas, kitties!

I hope everyone’s first day of Christmas has been fun, peaceful, and loving.  Happy Third Day of Christmas, everyone!


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If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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