Awesome Post from Dooce Regarding Vaccinations

I love Dooce.

Heather Armstrong’s sentiments I agree completely.  After finishing those grueling 18 months of vaccinations for Daniel, I am beyond giddy that Daniel won’t have to have another shot till age 4, as he’s had some alarming reactions to some of the shot, especially the high fever and lethargy from the MMR and the chest and face rash from the varicella.

But, what with Daniel being in daycare, I knew that I couldn’t skip or delay the vaccine schedule — too many chances of communicable diseases there.  So I followed the advice of Daniel’s caregivers — all of them experienced moms and even grandmothers — as well as his pediatrician (also a mom), in regards to preventing or minimizing side-effects.

And I prayed real hard.  And the little guy survived, healthy and happy, on the other side of the vaccine schedule.

Yes, there’s a reason for that aggressive schedule; but say that to a mom whose baby was hurt — or seemed to be hurt — by the vaccine.  Moms can be like mamma bears: I’ll protect my baby at all cost, the public good be damned!



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