Daniel’s Many Firsts

I’ve been underwater, still trying to catch up on grading, and so I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I would prefer, especially blogging about The Little Guy.  So, in regards to Daniel’s many firsts, here’s a quick and random list:

1. When Daniel got his one-year shots earlier last month, he actually got a reaction to the chickenpox vaccine a week later — mild fever, much fussiness, and a relatively non-itchy rash that was primarily on his chest and back and little on his face which faded within three days.   Other than that, all was good with the shots, although he still didn’t like them!

2. Daniel not only walks, he climbs, specifically onto the rocking chair and the Ikea sofa.  Fortuntely, he has also recently learned how to cimb *down* without nose-diving.  ::whew::

3. He also has discovered how to close doors, which he likes to do a lot, although he has more times than I can count closed the nursery door, realized that he was all alone in the room, and started crying in alarm until I opened the door.  And then he’d do it again.

4.   He’s realized that his shadow comes from *him*.  It’s mega-cute how he lifts up his hands, sees the shadow cast by them, and then starts opening and closing his hands, all the while seeing what the shadow does.

5.  At age 13.5 months, he has two teeth now — upper front teeth.  More to come, as he’s actively teething and has been fussy these days.

6.  Daniel’s first words were a handful of months ago, and that was “Mama.”  He’s since added a few words since then, like “bye-bye” and “cat.”  This week, he learned “lion,” although he pronounces it “yiyon.”  He has a floppy stuffed lion, which he likes putting into an empty diaper box and then taking out again when I ask him, “Where’s the lion?”  Oh, yeah, he can say “No,” although he pronounces it “Neh!” — or, specifically, “Neh-neh-neh-neh-neh!” while shaking his little head with his face scrunched up.  Especially when he doesn’t want to eat the nutritious dinner that I had made for him.  >p

7.  This evening, he got his first haircut.  While I held Daniel *relatively* still in my lap, the Hubby gave Daniel a much needed trim.  He’s been needing it for a while, as he was starting to look like a 1970s hippie and/or a little girl.

8.  And a first for me — I discovered Diaper Doublers at the local Babies R Us this past week, which, in addition to Huggies Overnight diapers, pretty much banishes overnight leaky diapers and, thus, pee-soaked jammies and sheets.  BIG YAY.

9.  He now points at everything and asks, “Da?” which means “What’s that?”

10.  He points to himself when asked, “Who’s Daniel?”  Also something he does that is mega-cute.

11.  He shares his finger food by holding it out to you with a little baby grunt that is his version of “Want some?”

OKay, that’s about it for now.  🙂


About lizardqueen

If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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3 Responses to Daniel’s Many Firsts

  1. lizardqueen says:

    JB: Oh boy, am I looking forward to that! :0

  2. Jerry Bell says:

    Just wait. Middle daughter took to diving off the couch and landing on her tummy, jumped up shreaking with glee and scrambled up to jump again. She did it twice before we could over come the shock and corral her. She was not quite two.

    And she is 24 now. Still does things like that….

  3. celogo says:

    It all sounds so precious! I really hope we can visit soon! Hugs!

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