Daniel’s First Halloween

Well, we headed over to my folks’ house for Daniel’s first Halloween. As my parents and younger sister stayed at the house to distribute candy to trick-or-treaters, my youngest sister — with digicam at the ready — accompanied Daniel and me as we went to a handful of houses for Daniel’s first foray into Candyland.

Most of the responses were similar: “Oh, he’s so cute!” It’s because he was a penguin. 🙂

I don’t have the pictures that my sister took yet, but here are a few photos taken before Halloween (when Daniel tried out the costume to make sure that he liked it) and then a photo taken after the trick-or-treating:

Daniel the Penguin, at Home

Daniel the Penguin, at Home

Were #1

Daniel the Penguin: We're #1

Whats in the Pumpkin?

Daniel the Penguin: What's in the Pumpkin?

Since it was unusually warm that evening, Daniel was out of my his costume shortly after the above picture was taken, and we spent the rest of the evening distributing candy and watching a Filipino game show called Wowowee on my parents’ satellite service.   Which was surreal and funny and kind of scary in that “Oh my, she’s going to dance and sing, is she,” sort of way.

Halloween at my folks.  Not your typical American family.  🙂


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  1. Oh this is fantistic!!! he is sooo adorable!

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