Been busy beyond belief, with pretty much everything these days.

1) Had out-of-town visits from friends that the Hubby and I hadn’t seen in years: One from over two weeks ago from a couple and their lovely nearly-three year old daughter, who cuddled Daniel because she’s been lobbying for a baby brother.  The other from this past weekend, from a couple, their little baby daughter, and another friend; while the babies played, we adults talked about politics.  🙂

2) The Big Read:  The Discussion Panel that I moderated on Monday was great, even though most of the students who attended hadn’t read Fahrenheit 451 — yet!  But by the time it was over, some were interested in reading the book.  Unfortunately, the Guest Speaker yesterday didn’t have a large audience at all, which was a huge disappointment because she was also great, and out of the *four* students who attended, two actually came up to ask her questions and thank her.  But, sadly, I had to cancel today’s Big Read event — the Awards Ceremony for the winners of the student Photography and Writing Contests because only four student submitted.  Yeah.  Only four.  Talking with my co-workers, we guessed the low turnout was due to the requirement that they had to read Fahrenheit 451 *first* since the contests was based on Fahrenheit 451.

So, the three-day Big Read event that I’ve been organizing since April came down to this: Panel — great.  Guest Lecture — so-so.  Student Contest — bust (although I *will* publish those four students in a chapbook, dammit!  They deserve something!)

3) Teaching six classes: Out of those six, I’m teaching four Comp I classes, in three different format — traditional classroom, hybrid (half classroom/half online), and online.  Juggling these three formats is eating my lunch, and I haven’t been able to be timely on my grading since the semester started.  Frustrating, but nothing I can do, especially when I was taking care of a vomiting baby, a vomiting Hubby, and then a vomiting me, all within the space of a couple of weeks.

I figure, this semester, the grading will just have to sort itself out.

4) Daniel care: Between his caregivers and me, we’re trying to wean Daniel from the bottle (of which he only has three bottle feedings these days) and jarred stage 3 baby food to sippy cup and diced/minced tablefood.  It’s been an uphill battle, and, frankly, I’ve been so ragged out with work and illness that I’ve gone the path of least resistance and gave in, with solid victories with drinking water out of the sippy and eating Gerber Puffs, Gerber Crunchies, and Baby Mum Mums.  I guess he likes his table foods dry and crunchy, for now.

As with grading, I figure that this also is something that will just have to sort itself out this semester.

5) P90X: Again, I find myself on hiatus again, this time due to the rash of illness the past couple of weeks.  I’m nowhere near where I should be at this point on the program, but I intend to finish the last couple of weeks of this time-intensive program, and then scale it back to something that fits my insane schedule.  I don’t want to lose the gains I’ve made — increased strength, tone, stamina, and muscle!

That’s about it.  And now, back to work.



About lizardqueen

If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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4 Responses to Whew!

  1. celogo says:

    Who was a field general in a previous life?

    Hint: My troops would’ve lost against LQ’s in about, oh, 5 minutes.

    What a Lady!

    Big Hugs!

  2. lizardqueen says:

    Brian: You’re likely right on that one.
    CD: Oy is right… today’s the first day that I’ve actually had an appetite again, as the sight of any meal larger than toddler-size made my stomach turn a bit.

  3. convivialdingo says:

    Oy… it seems everybody got this sickness. Glad you’re doing well.

  4. Brian says:

    Stress may be at least as much cause as it is effect.

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