Four Days, Sleep-Deprived

Maybe Daniel’s going through a growth spurt?

Normally, he’s been sleeping through the night, with an occasional peep here and there as he shifts around in his crib, getting comfy again, or waking up — briefly — from a nightmare, but then settling back down relatively quickly and easily.  But these past three days, he’s been waking up repeatedly, screaming-crying, sitting up, around 2-3am.  No soothing stuff would work, except a full assault diaper change, bottle-feeding, and rocking in the baby rocker.  On average, that meant an hour’s worth of getting Daniel back to sleep.

And yesterday, it was around 11pm (after he was put to bed at 9pm), with all out SCREECHING that no amount of soothing on my part would work.  He was dry, he had a full bottle just before bed, he was physically fine.  But nothing worked, and so he just had to cry it out in his crib.

One hour later, he finally went back to sleep — exhausted from screaming and crying and thrashing around in his crib.

It’s gotten so that I wonder how long this current run will last, as the previous weeks and months were so predictably peaceful and so nothing prepared me for this.  It’s reminiscent of the awful, mind-numbing, sleep deprived days of Daniel’s first couple of months, when he’d wake up every two hours, around the clock, demanding a diaper change and a bottle-feeding.

A growth spurt?  Bad teething pains?  Something else?

It’s made this week feel very LONG.  My body hasn’t had a chance to have regenerative sleep, so I’ve been craving coffee, carbs, and protein, with unhealthy frequency.  I can hardly wait for the weekend, where I can at least grab some daytime naps (“sleep when the baby sleeps” — that advice to new mothers — still holds sway). 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to feel human again, as opposed to a sleep-deprived automaton.  I better be; I have papers to grade!

As it is, in the morning, when Daniel is happily awake and I get him ready for his daycare, I look at him and say, “Good thing you’re a cute little boy, because — DANG!”  And he gives me his gummy little smile as he squinches up his brown little eyes.

Okay.  I guess putting up with this is worth it.  🙂


About lizardqueen

If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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3 Responses to Four Days, Sleep-Deprived

  1. lizardqueen says:

    I did the teething drops and infant painkillers, and they worked — thank you for the advice!!!!


  2. convivialdingo says:

    I’d guess teething or gas myself. Try rubbing some orajel on the gums or give him tylenol one night before going to bed…

    Hope you get some sleep!!

  3. celogo says:

    LOL… it’s good they learn to make cute faces before they talk, isn’t it? Helps a LOT with times like the ones you’re having now.

    If he is teething, try Camilia (

    If it’s colic, try Cocyntal

    Boiron homeopathic or Hyland’s rock the house. They don’t taste yucky at all. The Camilia saved our ears from the screams of teething twins on the drive home from Vermont.

    If you try, and they don’t work, no harm, no foul either.

    Happy sleeping this weekend!

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