Plague Rat

I must sound and look really really bad.

After teaching my 8am World Lit II class, the speech professor who teaches in the classroom after my class came in while I was tidying up and fixing to leave.  She said, “My dear, are you having a bad day?”

“What — oh.  I have a cold.”

She stepped back and said,  “What did you touch over there?”  She pointed at the computer console.  I pointed to the mouse, the keyboard, and the projector remote.

And then she proceeded to wipe all of those areas with alcohol hand sanitizer, which is understandable.  *I* wouldn’t want anybody to catch this.

So, it’s off to doctor’s for me, in just a few minutes.  Maybe I can get some LOVELY meds, because the OTC stuff is doing jack$@&# to help with this.


2 thoughts on “Plague Rat

  1. Yikes. I am with Audie, that’s just bad manners. Off to the doctors with thee, lady, you DON’T want to end up with what I’ve got.

  2. How FREAKING RUDE!!!! I don’t blame her for wanting to wipe everything down, but if you have any manners what so ever you freakin wait until the sick person is no longer in the room before you proceed to wipe everything down. And how RUDE to ASK what you touched. Clearly the other teacher is an idiot. OF COURSE you touched the mouse and keyboard and the projector remote. That should be just a given. And even if you didn’t, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to wipe off. There just isn’t any tact in wiping things down when the sick person is still standing there. And I have NO tact so if even I know this then that teacher is just rude. Hope you feel better.

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