Bone Marrow and Stem Cells

Australian girl switches blood type after liver transplant.

Doctors report transplant breakthrough.

Both stories report a huge breakthrough in regards to living one’s life post-transplant.  How to lead a normal, healthy life, without the risk of rejection and without anti-rejection drugs?

Have a bone marrow transplant, in addition to the organ transplant.

This discovery is *hugely important* because, the longer we live, the more likely we will experience organ failure of some kind or another.  Liver failure and kidney failure — who hasn’t heard of someone dying because of these two organs shutting down?

Yes, as one of the articles point out, this discovery doesn’t solve the problem of the shortage of organ donation.  But it does bode well for a truly normal and healthy life, for those who do get an organ transplant.

This is good news for everybody.


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