LEO Space

Back in June 2005, the Hubby launched his scholarly blog, The LEO Test.  Unlike most blogs out there (mine included), his blog isn’t a commentary of current events linked stuff or a personal journal.  It is an online academic periodical, exploring and explaining his research in political ideology, especially his own three-dimensional paradigm of Liberty (L), Equality (E) , and Order (O).

Most political ideological paradigms are two-dimensional (the Nolan Quiz) or, even worse, one-dimensional (the much touted Political Spectrum of the Left and Right).   What these over-simplified paradigms have problems with are questions like “What’s the difference between fascism and communism other than economics?” since both regimes are historically totalitarian and dictatorial; and “What’s the difference between libertarianism and anarchism?” since the Libertarian Party itself has both strains in it; and “Is there such a thing as a conservative Democrat and a liberal Republican?”

The Hubby’s paradigm — LEO space — not only can answer those questions, but can explain pretty much every single political phenomenon out there, from voting choices (from private citizens to public officials) to political regimes (American and otherwise, past, presents, and even future).  And, since the Hubby is a political scientist, his project uses statistical analysis, with hard numbers and charts.

Two years later, it has been difficult for the Hubby to continue in earnest in LEO since his job as a high-level community college professor has him fully engaged for any academic year.  He has, however, been able to incorporate it in his instruction, like this PowerPoint presentation that he uses in his Government 2301 class.  And, after a particularly intense discussion about what the ramifications of LEO Space would be, we decided that more people — especially people whose bread-and-butter is political theory — needs to know about his research.

Especially one particular person: Professor Michael Freeden.  His own research is similar to the Hubby’s, in recognizing three dimensions to political idealogy: Conservatism, socialism, and liberalism are Prof. Freeden’s terms.  But because these terms are historically locked, lending to partisan bias, the Hubby’s neutral terms are more precise and lend itself to rigorous statistical analysis: Instead of conservatism, it’s Order.  Instead of socialism, it’s Equality.  Finally, instead of liberalism, it’s Liberty.

With these neutral terms, the Hubby can actually describe and predict people with political ideologies such as anti-liberal non-conservatism and anti-conservative non-liberalism.  (And, yes, those ideologies do exist!)

And, to keep the conversation timely, the *real* difference between Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama… and all of those Republican presidential candidates.

Check out the Hubby’s blog… and spread the word!


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