Gotta Love the Home Country

9/5/2007 Update: Here’s the CNN article, explaining why these prisoners are dancing.

Reading it, I think about how I was raised, especially in the belief (perhaps a naive and childish belief) in personal redemption, no matter how awful the deeds were.  My mother’s side of the family has “greedy devil people” (her words) in it, and yet she gives them money, hoping they’ll be better off.  One of my first cousins served ten years for second-degree murder (he was in a gang in LA) and, getting out, now warns my younger cousins not to make the same mistake.

I think about the accused murderers, rapists, drug-dealers, and such, in that Cebuyano prison — see them dancing.  Of course, they could be lying, that they are reformed, that dancing has taught them “love.”  But wouldn’t it be good to think — to hope — otherwise? 

Filipinos love to dance — even in prison!  🙂  (True, not in the Ilocos — where my parents hail from — but in the Visayan province of Cebu).  Enjoy!

“Michael Jackson — Thriller”

“Michael Jackson — Thriller, Part 2”

“Sister Act — Hail Holy Queen”

“Queen — Radio Gaga”


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2 Responses to Gotta Love the Home Country

  1. lizardqueen says:

    Hey, Z: Thanks for the compliment. As for the picture — wish I knew myself, since it’s so pretty. It came with the template theme on WordPress..

  2. Zathras says:

    Great looking new format! Where’s the picture up above from?

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