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12 January 2012 Update: WOW — this is a popular blog entry. However, I’m not a charity; I’m just a person who had too much yarn and wanted to donate it somewhere. So I wrote this blog entry for others who had the same problem. But some links/organizations didn’t exist anymore. So here’s an update (all updates italicized).

As mentioned in earlier posts, I bought about a year and a half ago many skeins of rough, wool yarn, about $100 worth of it, at about (if I recall) $1 a pound.  It was an awesome deal: a rug manufacturing company was going out of business and was selling its yarn stock at cheap, clearance prices, which Happycrow made me aware of as he himself was looking for yarn to buy for his brother and sister-in-law (who knit).

It was such a good deal, that, like a person whose eyes are bigger than his/her stomach at a buffet, I bought more than I could possibly use.  For, in the hobby world of crocheting and knitting, it’s not always a good idea to buy too much of one kind of yarn, as different projects call for different kinds of yarn —  not only in color, but also varying degrees of softness and texture.

I ended up buying about 100 pounds of one kind of yarn — rough wool yarn, suitable for tapestries, rugs, and perhaps rough horseblankets and hats.  But, unfortunately, it’s a little too rough for against-the-skin pieces, like sweaters, socks, scarves, and throws.  So, after assessing the closet space I needed in order to make room for Daniel’s nursery, I realized that I needed to just plain get rid of at least half my stock.

“Surely,” I thought, “folks need yarn.”

So I went online, googled “donate yarn,” and found two charities that accept wool yarn.  And, after five boxes filled with yarn, sent parcel post today, I have more closet space and the two charities have boxes of sturdy wool yarn, winging themselves through the United States Postal Service.

Here are the charities (click the links for more details):

Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative (Facebook page)
Emily’s Hats for Hope Initiative
PO Box 2374
Morristown NJ 07962-2374 

The Knitting Connection, Inc.
c/o Sue A. Manning
PO Box 560065
West Medford MA 02156-0065

Many Arms Reach You (M.A.R.Y.)
37 Kendall Avenue
Binghamton, NY 13903

Project Warm-Up (according to the January 2012, they REALLY need yarn).
c/o CAC
720 Court St.
Pasco WA 99301

It’s so cool, that crocheters and knitters can come together to create pieces for people in need. As a crocheter, I sometimes make throws and blankies because I enjoy the process of creating something, even though I may not need it, and often give what I make away to friends and family as impromptu gifts. But it’s good that charities are out there for folks like me to donate not only supplies (like yarn) but also finished pieces as well. 🙂

Oh, here’s another place — not for yarn, but for finished pieces, made only from wool:

Afghans for Afghans
c/o AFSC Collection Center
65 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

12 Ways You Can Support Charities without Donating Money
 Click the link for the web article — it lists lots of charities that accepts finished knitted/crocheted/sewed pieces, like hats, socks, and blankets, as well as yarn.

Okay, I better stop now.  🙂


71 thoughts on “Donate Yarn to Charity

  1. I am totally disabled with scolosis and severe osteoporosis. I am heading into a back surgery where they will be putting metal rods up each side of my spine and screw them together. I will be laid up and in recovery for over 6 months. I have no means to buy any at this time. Crocheting will give me something to do for the next 6 months while i am stuck in bed. If anyone has any extra yarn, any yarn at all, no matter how little, I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Lois Wright 8887 Webb Road Versailles, Mo 65084 . My email address is

    1. If you still need yarn, please e mail me and I will be glad to send you some….I have a lot and would like to see it put to good use.

      1. I am a Veteran that medically retired due to the symptoms associated with Scleroderma and gastroparesis over a year ago. Crocheting is very relaxing for me, but because I do not have any means monetarily to purchase supplies I cannot work on any projects. I am pretty much home bound and some yarn would just make my day. My name is Darlene CharlyGriner, 326 5th St. W, Hardin, MT, 59034. I thank you in advance for your generosity.

  2. Hello, My name is Christina Jilavdaryan and I am a 7th grade student who is working on a non profit project called “Quilts for the Cold”, I created this project to make yarn quilts by using potholder-looms and weaving yarn around them to create yarn squares. I then make several more squares and use a sewing machine to connect them all together to make several blankets that will be given out for free to homeless people , hospitals, and low income families. I wanted to help out my community (Palmdale CA) somehow, but there are plenty others who live in much colder climates who need them much more. (Hopefully this project can become big, so that I can help people outside of my state.) Is there any way you can donate a bit of yarn for the project? I have gone door-to-door to several people and most didn’t even answer the door. Over my 3 week winter break (December 17- January,8) I’m going to go to local yarn stores and ask if they can donate any yarn. I promise that all yarn will only be used for the quilts, that will be given away to those who need it, not sold online. I really enjoy the process of making a yarn quilt, but I have no yarn at my house, and can’t afford it as my family is also low income. If you have any yarn to spare I promise I will tie a ribbon to the edge of the quilts made from your yarn, that will say: Yarn donated by: (your company). I posted a yarn donation drive on craigslist but nobody answers, I have asked my school for help and they made a Donors Choose account of the same name (Quilts for the Cold) I also have posted a donation request on Crowdrise for money to be raised to buy yarn for the project. I wish I could get more expositor for my project, to get the word out, but no one seems to care. Thank you for reading this, and any advice would be appreciated 🙂

      1. Hi Bob – my name is Donna. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom and hope you’re doing well. I’ve volunteered making blankets (from yarn and from fleece) for an organization called Comfort for Critters ( in Illinois. They give blankets to shelters all across the country for the comfort of the pet and then the pet gets to take it home with them when they’re adopted to help with the transition. It’s a great organization. If you still have yarn available, they would truly appreciate it. Have an awesome day – Donna

    1. If you still want yarn, I have a lot you can have. I will be glad to send it to you. You sound like a caring young lady. I have included my email address. If your parents are not comfortable with you giving out information to someone you don’t know, please have them call me and I will try to put their mind at ease.
      Phone: 1.715.358.0690


      1. Hi Sandy – my name is Donna. I’ve volunteered making blankets (from yarn and from fleece) for an organization called Comfort for Critters ( in Illinois. They give blankets to shelters all across the country for the comfort of the pet and then the pet gets to take it home with them when they’re adopted to help with the transition. It’s a great organization. If you still have yarn available, they would truly appreciate it. Have an awesome day – Donna

    1. Not sure if you still have yarn left but I’m a social worker in NY who would love to take it off your hands! I’m starting a knitting and crocheting group for teen girls in NYC. Feel free to email me if its still available! Thank you!

  3. Do ya know how I can get free yarn so I can crochet blankets for children that have cancer at the Cancer Hospital

  4. Dear Ladies
    You all do such wonderful work! I am a South African living in Arkansas, married to an American but am very involved with a charitable group in Cape Town (South Africa), The Mother Theresa Group and Nazareth House for Aids orphans and the retired nuns and priests from the various orders in South Africa. I continue to make blankets (crochet ones for babies and adults) and take them across with me when I visit my daughter who remains in Cape Town. I would be so grateful if anyone has any yarn to donate to this project which for me is ongoing and has been for years. Please contact me at if there is anyone out there who is able to help me. I am prepared to pay costs for postage or delivery but it would be a wonderful help as I am finding it financially very hard doing this entirely alone presently.

    Thank you so much in anticipation.
    Best wishes and blessings to you all.
    Louise Cohoe-Ferguson

  5. Cousin started Scarf It Up….which local women gather Family Friends Members of Community crochet and knit scarves ‘mid December gather at various public places and pass out in the area to random people. Donations of yarn, needles, hooks , patterns. Etc….anything that helps. In living memory of Derek Genereaux. Who passed away Last year at a young age.

  6. Hi,
    We have a group of ladies that knit and crochet lap blankets, comfort shawls and chemo caps. All of these items are donated to The Hospital for Special Surgery and Memorial Sloan Kettering.
    We would be most appreciative for any donations of acrylic yarn.
    You can reach us at: STITCHES11103@gmail or STITCHESNYC on Facebook.
    Thank you,
    Janet and Debbie

    1. Willing to help in anyways I can. Am looking for yarn and various other necessities so that I may help .please let me know if you can help or if I can help you THANK YOU:-)

      1. Hi Bob. sorry, I didn’t see this message. I just left a message from another message earlier. I’m in Aurora and could pick up the yarn if you still have it and drop it off to Comfort for Critters (they’re in Glen Ellyn), if you’re ok with that. You can reach me at moeders at

      2. Hi Bob. Just checking to see if you still have the yarn available. I’m close to you (Aurora) so I can pick it up whenever it’s convenient for you. Thanks so much. Have an awesome day! – Donna

      3. Hi Bob – just checking again to see if you still have the yarn. Let me know when you have moment. Thanks – Donna

    1. Hi, k ciaccio – just checking in regarding the yarn. If you’d like, you can email me at moeders at sbcglobal dot net. Thanks 🙂

  7. I am in Illinois and have tons of yarn that I would like to donate. But I would need someone to pay the postage. Please advise

    1. Hello,
      Our agency would be interested in providing shipping cost. Because our blankets are for patients in nursing homes/assisted living facilities any yarn has to be washable and acrylic material. Would your yarn fit the category?

      1. I’m in Illinois near Aurora/Naperville – where are you located? I most likely would be able to pick it up if you’re within a couple hours. I just found out about the snuggle project through my sister (she gave me a bunch of yarn – I’ve just started crocheting) and I plan on making the blankets for the local shelters.

  8. I am in Prescott Valley (Dewey) AZ. I have LOTS of yarn to donate, about 4 large trash bags, some of it is full skeins, others are partial skeins in the wrapper or rolled into balls. Please let me know if there are any charities that I can give this yarn to. If it could be picked up, that would be a plus.

  9. Hi All,

    I am with a women’s group at a church who knit and crochet items for the homeless, seniors and children. If you wish to donate yarn I can provide a letter from the church for tax deduction purposes. Thanks so much and God Bless.
    Sherry glover

  10. Hello all…
    I am part of a couple of different “crochet for charities” (project linus, caps for kids) and I have pretty much run out of ALL of my yarn. I came upon this blog while searching the web for anywhere I might find some free yarn, I saw the post’s here and thought it couldnt hurt to ask. So.. if there is anyone out there with any yarn they arent in need of I would gladly take if off your hands. I am in California and my email is
    thank you in advance for any help.
    Also.. if anyone has any suggestions where I might find some yarn for free/donated that would be great too.
    Thanks again….

  11. Seeking yarn donations for hospice foundation
    AseraCare Hospice Foundation has partnered with several local churches to help us make lap blankets for our terminally ill patients. We have lots of talented ladies but are running short on yarn. If you would like to donate your extra yarn we would love to receive it however; due to the patient’s conditions, the yarn would need to come from a smoke free home.
    If you’re at all interested in donating yarn or AC Moore gift card’s are always welcome and we’ll pick up yarn! Please contact Marlene at or send them to:

    AseraCare Hospice
    Attn: Kind Hands Club
    411 Eagleview Blvd
    Suite 114
    Exton PA 19341

    On behalf of our patients thank so much, Marlene

    1. Hi Everyone,
      Thank you so much for considering donating your yarn to AseraCare Hospice. It was bought to my attention I need to add that the yarn needs to be “washable” yarn since most of our patients live in an assisted living or nursing homes. Thank you again, Marlene Malloy
      Volunteer Coordinator
      AseraCare Hospice

  12. I am looking for yarn donations. I crochet chemo caps for patients. I have created a Facebook page called Rosebud’s Chemo Caps. If anyone is interested in donating please let me know. I am in Indiana. But willing to send hats wherever they are needed.

    God bless you..


  13. Hi there, Have you ever thought about donating to an animal shelter? If so, my local animal shelter would love a donation.

  14. Emily’s Hats For Hope has a new address. It is PO Box 2374 Morristown, NJ 07962-2374. Please delete the Whitehouse address that you have posted above. Thanks so much.

  15. I have decided to undertake a year-long crochet project and I need help. I am making sock monkeys and other crocheted critters (amigurumi) to donate to the United Community Action Network in my area, for their Christmas program. UCAN gives needy children clothing for Christmas and it’s a great program, but every kid needs a toy under the tree…don’t you agree? I am a work-at-home mom and I find that crocheting helps me with my anxiety issues when I’m not actively working. If I’m not eating, sleeping, or working…I’m crocheting! I crochet in doctor’s offices, community gatherings, and occasionally, outside in the sunshine. I’m a dedicated crocheter!

    I have already started on this project but I am swiftly running out of yarn and in this family of four, there isn’t a much money left for craft supplies. So I am asking for your leftover yarn, your discarded yarn, your “I just don’t like this color” yarn, and even new skeins or gift certificates to craft stores…even Walmart! I can use any yarn, in any color, in any amount, although I don’t prefer the Red Heart Super Saver yarn because it’s not soft and cuddly. I have used it as an accent color though! Acrylic, wool, cotton, hand-spun…whatever you’ve got or would like to give. Polyfil is also needed and appreciated.

    If your donation is enough for several pieces, I would be happy to make one for you or a child in your life! It takes a couple of days, at most. If you don’t want the actual piece, I could email you pictures of the critters I make from the yarn you donate. Eventually, I will have a mailing list, maybe even a website. Here’s my facebook page So, the 2012 project is Crocheted Critters For Kids. Please help if you can.

    (I plan on making 2013’s project Hats and Crocheted Breast Forms for breast cancer survivors/chemo patients. I already have the patterns!)

    1. Hi I have many skeins of many different colors and would like to see if you can take
      some or all of them…..??? email address: if you are interested
      please feel free to email myself. I am NOT on facebook.

      Thanks…..Oh yeah….I live in Minnesota…. is that a problem?

  16. I have really nice yarn that i cannot use and would love to donate to your charity / project
    please e mail me your address. you are wonderful for doing this


    1. Hi, we are a crochet club at Pleasant Valley and we are in nned of yarn. Any kind or color would be greatly appreciated. We are making lapgans and totes for walkers for the elderly in our area. We have been asked to make things for the elderly and children in need like hats and mittens. This is a bunch of middle school students. They do not have a lot of money but a big heart and time to crochet. We are in need of yarn to fullfill the need that is being asked of us.
      Thank you and God Bless

      1. I have lots of yarn I would like to donate for your students to work with. Please send your shipping address and I’ll get busy packing it up.

    2. I crochet hats, scarves,blankets in many sizes and donate much to cancer centers and the homeless and to churches for the needy.
      I would love any yarn donation
      Thank you

  17. I am looking for people to donate yard to me beginning in January 2012-December 2012. I am going to work all year long, and make scarves for soldiers. Operation Gratitude is something I have just recently learned about, but I would love to be able to send at least 500 by December 2012. I just need help with the yarn!

  18. hello,
    are you willing to donate yarn for the kids in need. i am part of this organization called knit a square, where we knit/crochet 8×8 squares and sent it to south africa, where they make blankets and give to abandon kids with aids in the winter time to keep them warm. please help the kids in need. thanks.

  19. Please we are a senior housing group in Rockfore, Illinois and are starting a craft program for those who live here if somebody would like to donate any yarn to us we would be greatfully happy as these items will be giv en out to our kids who live in federal housing here in Rockford. My name is susan itzenthaler and my e-mail is please con tact me there and thamk you for all your wonderful hearts.
    you can also reach me at

  20. I would like to donate all types of yarns to a charitable organization…preferably in Florida. Do you know if a receipt is given for tax purposes? Thanks!

  21. You can even donate yarn to Project Linus (named after the Peanuts Gang kid who carries his blankie around with him everywhere) that knits and delivers blankets to children in need. They have chapters all across the U.S., just go to their website and click on “Chapter Listings” to contact the chapter closest to you.

  22. I’ve recently discovered The Snuggles Project: and am looking for anyone willing to donate any amount of leftover/unwanted synthetic yarn so that I can make beds and snuggle pads for homeless animals. If you are interested and ever find yourself in excess of yarn, let me know! Happy Crafting 🙂

    1. Are you still interested? I have tons of yarn that I need to donate. But I’m not able to pay the postage. Don’t know where you’re located. I’m in Illinois. Please advise

    2. I have a lovely selection of yarns that my late mother and sister amassed and I would like to donate them to someone, or group that can make good use of them.

      1. Hi Donna,
        If the yarn is washable we can use it! Are you local to the Exton, PA area?

      2. Hello Amy, if you still have Yarn I would be happy to pay postage. I am coordinating a knitting behind bars project and we are in need yarn. Thanks.

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