“It’s a financial plan”

Robber’s Wish to Go to Prison Granted.

As a taxpayer, I don’t know whether to be offended by this man’s “financial plan” or just be amused by his chutzpah.  Or both.

I must admit… my first response was to giggle uncontrollably, saying, “God!  Only in America!”


About lizardqueen

If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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2 Responses to “It’s a financial plan”

  1. james says:

    Yea, it would be my luck that if I did this I would wind up in a cell with Bubba, a 350 lbs psycho homosexual rapist with a fixation on hating his father. This should provide some incentive for those who are young to save up thier pennies and not get in such desperate straights.

    I hope, as well, that he is treated well, but it IS a prison and lots of people in those cannot be described as affable but misguided old fellows. Too sad, too bad.

  2. Maddie says:

    Oh god. I just don’t know what to say… Hmm. I hope they give him a nice cell 🙂

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