So, I get an epiphany of how to unstick the jammed creative monster that is my MA thesis, and here I am, up to my eyeballs in grading because I had all seven — yes, seven — of my classes have essays due AT THE SAME TIME!

And I’ve graded one of them.  Woo-hoo!  I’ll need to grade two more classes’ worth to give back tomorrow.  And — oh yes!  There are four more classes as well!  Can The Lizardqueen get all of that graded, to give back by the end of this week?  Can squirrels do a triple-lutz while ice-skating to Sousa music?

 In a word, um… no.  Or, in a few, more optimistic words… not likely. 

Meanwhile, what with being the faculty advisor of my college’s student creative writing club, I have creative writing on the brain.  And. No. Time. To. Work. On. It.

Hence, my squirrel-like drive to get the grading done ASAP so I can put in some short story writing time. 

Argh, I say!  ARGH!

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One Response to Typical!

  1. S.D. says:

    OUCH! Hope it gets better!

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