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Monday, May 22, 2003
A wee visit in town, to Arbroath. Check out a health food store, a pharmacy, a couple of second-hand shops, and a musical instrument shop. Bill got a guitar, and we ordered a “traditional Scottish instrument” for Janus Gate. 🙂 [It’s a shepherd’s chanter, since a bagpipe won’t fit in our carry-on!]

Sunday, May 21, 2006
“Rain rain, go away, come again another day.”

No such luck.

We head to Glenesk, fully intending to do some hill-walking and see Loch Lee and a stunning waterfall. We pass by a ruined castle
and see some other stuff, but the rain’s now a downpour and had turned to SLEET.

No way. We head back to the car park. But we have a nice tea, coffee, and scones at a nearby tea shop and get some tourist swag, so all’s not lost. Heading home, we see Highland Coos!

DANG, it’s cold!

Saturday, May 20, 2006
Downpour, freezing rain. Homebound with fireplace, tea, coffee, biscuits, and conversation.

Friday, May 19 2006
And continues to rain. A cold, cold-to-your-bones rain. But with a break in the clouds, we venture forth, heading to Perth. We walk the dogs in a nearby park — I run with Hazel. 🙂 Then Bill, the Hubby, and I walk in town, go into a Member of Parliament office, and, not until Bill makes some introductions, do I find out that the MP I am shaking hands with is Pete Wishart, former keyboardist for the Scottish rock band RunRig.

He was a member for twelve years and left the band to go into Parliament under the Scottish Nationalist Party banner in 2001.

I am stunned. Bill has this impish grin — he and Christa had been planning for this surprise. The Hubby and I had no clue. After many minutes of the Hubby and MP Peter Wishart talking politics, he signs a RunRig book (Bill and Christa’s copy, which they gave to us), Bill takes pictures, and we go.

I drank coffee and ate biscuits with a former member of RunRig.


Also — we have haggis for supper!

Thursday, May 18, 2006
Main high point today was Restenetth Priory, the ruins of a 13th century Augustinian priory. Here’s a pic:

As Christa says, there are no public toilets or coffee shops nearby, so the place hasn’t been touristed to death. It’s still a quiet part of the country.

And then it starts to rain.


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