Went to See the Sea, and You Know What?

The sand didn’t have sand fleas! ::happy snoopy dance::

Yes, I spent the weekend with the Hubby and friends at North Padre Island, camping, but with the added luxuries of shower facilities and restrooms.

The down sides were sand burrs (poking, ouchy nasty things) on the grassy areas (easily avoided by wearing shoes), lots of seaweed (you get used to them afterall, but the first time a clutch of these things brush against you in water is a little startling — but fun to fling out of the way), an occasional Portugeuse man-o-war jellyfish (we saw three of them, all about the size of a submarine sandwich and the most beautiful iridescent blue-purple colour I’ve ever seen — still, I avoided them like the plague), and much wind such that the tent spikes in my and the Hubby’s tent kept lifting off the ground, and Boxing Alcibiades’ and the Bunny’s tent ripped on top during the night. Also, the portable pavilion, owned by the Marmot (another friend of ours) also collapsed during the night. Now, that’s a lot of wind! Oh, not to mention sunburn. I don’t think the Bunny and Boxing Alcibiades got sunburned that much (they use SPF 5000); the Marmot did, but especially on his calves (forgot to get them slathered); and the Hubby and I did, but only minor, and that’s because we forgot to reapply after all of that swimming. Oops. And let’s not forget the sand that seems to go *everywhere*.

All of those things (at least for me) were minor annoyances that didn’t damper the fact that Saturday and Sunday were beautiful, sunny days; North Padre Island was warm but with cool ocean breezes, black powdery sand, and warm blue-green ocean water; and I was surrounded by loved ones. We could wade out a quite aways from the beach and still be in shoulder-to-neck deep (for me, that’s a little less than five feet) or waist-to-chest deep (that would be the Hubby, the Marmot, and Boxing Alcibiades) in water before catching some waves to do some body surfing. I suck at it — it’s been 23 years since I was competent in it — but I didn’t care. I WAS AT THE BEACH, IN THE OCEAN. It had been a long time, too long, as it turns out. I never realized how much I missed it until I was there.

The Bunny waded along the beach, catching some rays (but not too much — the Bunny burns easily), and then waded a little into the ocean, about waist-deep, with Boxing Alcibiades (who’s “the Husband” on her blog).

Evening meant cooking by campfire (thanks to the Marmot) and watching the stars, which I saw lots and lots (hard to see with the light pollution here in the DFW Metroplex). I easily saw with the naked eye two man-made satellites, whizzing across the starfield — it was simply awesome. Before we left Sunday before noon, we saw an early morning baby-turle release into the ocean, combed the beach, and then broke camp. A quick lunch at a local seafood dive, and then it was back on the road, on that seven hour drive back to the Metroplex. We got in around 8:30pm.

And I hear that my second load of laundry just finished getting washed; time to load the dryer, get the sucker started, and get to bed.

May all your days (and nights) be good ones. Auf weidersehen!


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If single-mothering were a paid job, I'd be rich. However, it doesn't, so I write (which doesn't pay the bills) and teach (which does). I'm overly-educated in the liberal arts, but that doesn't hinder my ability to be pragmatic and realistic. YAY.
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