HTML! Must learn HTML!

When it comes to straight HTML creation, I use Netscape Composer or save Word docs in HTML format and then clean them up in Composer. As for this blog, I use Blogger’s utility. Why the HTML editors, you ask? It’s because I know about as much about HTML as, say, my cat knows about opening doors with a key. She’s seen it done, she reaps the benefits of it, but exactly *how* it works, she hasn’t the foggiest idea. Same thing with me and HTML. And this fact drives me NUTZ whenever I have to make tiny changes and tweaks to my web pages, especially formatting changes.

Like, say, me adding a “Comment” section to my byline on the bottom of each post and also adding a “mailto” section on the “Links” table. And all of which taking me over an hour to do such pretty simple formatting things because I don’t know how to create HTML pages from scratch and thus lots of trial and error by looking at other people’s blogs and seeing their HTML source.

Argh, I say! Argh!

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